Team Building
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Mountain Top Game


For group members to work together for the good of the group

Group Size:

8 to 15 is ideal


  • A rope hanging from the ceiling (i.e., gym climbing rope)
  • Rope or other boundary marker
  • 2 coffee cans or similar height blocks or cans
  • 1 pole, stick, or piece of pipe about 1" in diameter


Set up the two coffee cans with a pole set horizontally across them about three or four feet to one side of the rope. On the other side of the rope, use a different piece of rope to make a circle that the whole group can stand in. For added challenge make the circle small so the group must work together to stand in it without falling out of the boundary. This circle should be about three to four feet from the rope as well.
Set this activity up by telling a story that requires the group to get from a cliff to a mountaintop some distance away. Starting behind the "cliff" (pole) they must get hold of the climbing rope without stepping off the "cliff". Once they have the rope, they must swing across to the other side and land on the "mountain" (the rope circle). Only one person may go across at once at a time. If anyone steps out of the boundary, knocks the pole off of the cans, or touches the ground, the group must start over. For saftey reasons, the leader should stand near the climbing rope to catch anyone who falls.

Discussion Prompts:

  1. How did the group come up with a plan?
  2. How did the order that you were in factor in to the plan?
  3. How did you ensure that your teammates were safe during this activity?
  4. How would this activity have been different if there was a real cliff and a real mountaintop?
  5. Would you trust your teammates if it were real? Why or why not?
  6. How can you build trust as a team?


  • Give group members things to carry with them to the mountain for an added challenge.
  • Set up a low platform for the group to stand on in place of the circle.




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