Pass The Clay Game


To work as a team to build a clay structure.

Group Size:

Four or more.


  • Whistle or noise maker.
  • Clay, Playdough®, or another type of sculpting material.


Break the group up into teams of two to six members each and give each team a large lump of clay. Each team must sit in a circle so that they can easily pass the clay around. Start with one team member holding the clay.
The leader shouts out a object, scene or something else that can bemade out of clay (some ideas follow), on the “go” signal the first person begins to build as fast as they can. After a few seconds the leader blows the whistle and the clay must be passed to the next person who picks up where the first person left off. Continue in this manner with the leader frequently blowing the whistle at irregular intervals. On the “stop” signal, the person holding the clay must set it down. At the end of each round allow each group to show their creation to the rest of the group, with any description or story they want to make up about it. You may do several rounds of this fast-paced game with a different person stanrting with the clay each time.

Sculpture Ideas:

  • A bus stop
  • A popcorn stand
  • A clown
  • A barn with animals
  • A plate of spagetti with meatballs

Discussion Prompts:

1. Would this task have been easier or harder if you were by yourself?
2. Does being on a team make life easier or harder for you?
3. Did some of you get more time with the clay than others? How did this make you feel?
4. Do you ever feel like you put more effort or less effort into a project than other people do who are on your team? How does this make you feel?
5. What is the advantage of being part of a team? Are there any disadvantages?


Give each person a different colour of clay that they must add to the sculpture as they get it.

Have the first person start making something of his or her choice without talking. The next person has to continue the original sculpture when the whistle is blown. The group can’t talk but tries to create something by the time everyone has had a turn with the clay.

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