Margerison-McCann Work Wheel model

The Margerison-McCann work wheel model takes into account the task and the combination of teamwork functions necessary to achieve results on that task. The model identifies eight factors based on broad teamwork functions and these eight factors form the Margerison-McCann Work Wheel.

The work functions identified in the Margerison-McCann model and the corresponding 8 factors that comprise the work wheel are as follows:

  1. Advising: Information gathering and making the information available to others to facilitate informed decision-making. It involves accessing secondary sources, researching, studying best practices, etc
  2. Innovating: Finding better ways of doing things
  3. Promoting: Championing ideas, exploiting opportunities and looking for ways to find adequate resources for the team
  4. Developing: Analytical skills, evaluation of ideas and approaches, moulding and shaping ideas in line with customer needs
  5. Organising: Establishing goals, taking action, meeting deadlines
  6. Producing: Meeting performance standards by carrying out the task efficiently
  7. Inspecting: Regularly reviewing the work progress and the quality of output, keeping tabs on budgets
  8. Maintaining: Keeping track of processes, systems and procedures necessary to uphold standards

In identifying these 8 factors and team functions, the model suggests the need to match work functions to individual abilities. Given a task, it is important to assign team responsibilities based on individual abilities and strengths in specific work areas. This kind of matching of functions facilitates a better team performance. At the centre of the wheel is a ninth factor called ‘linking’. The Linker’s function requires integrating the team effort. This is also an important team role that has to be played by one of the team members. It implies that executing a task properly involves coordination and sharing across the various work functions that are in use during the course of working on a task.

The Margerison-McCann work wheel model is a useful construct in ensuring that a team gives due importance to every aspect of accomplishing a task whether it’s information gathering, ideating or regularly reviewing project progress. It is this kind of complete approach that can make the team process effective in a business situation and generate the required results.

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