Video Scavenger Hunt Game


For a group of people to work together in a competition

Group Size:

10 or more


  • One video camera and videotape per team
  • One TV and VCR to watch the tapes on
  • A list of things each group must do (see list that follows)
  • Optional: one vehicle and driver per team


Prior to the activity, create a list of things for the teams to do, and assign a point value for each item (see sample ideas below). Divide the group into teams of four to eight and give each team a video camera, tape, list, and a time to return. You may have cars and drivers for each team, or you may come up with a list of things that can be done in the surrounding area. Each team can use only five minutes of tape and must try to get as many different things in this five minutes as possible. (Or each team only gets to film five thirty-second scenes and tries to fit as many things as possible in each scene.) After the time limit the group must return (deduct points for each minute they are late) and hand over the videotape. Allow time to watch each tape, and tally points as you watch the videos.

Video Scavenger Hunt List Ideas:

  1. A man with a beard shaking hands with someone on your team – 50 points
  2. The whole team singing a song by a stop sign – 100 points
  3. Someone on your team getting a drink out of a drinking fountain while someone else is riding piggyback on his/her back – 30 points
  4. Someone washing the window of a car of someone they don’t know (ask first!) – 50 points
  5. The whole team standing in a bathtub while the water is running – 150 points
  6. Someone on your team hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racket against a wall that the whole team is standing against – 100 points
  7. Someone shaking hands with a policeman – 200 points
  8. The whole team in a boat – 150 points
  9. The whole team singing a song while in a restaurant – 100 points (50 extra points for each person not on your team that is singing the song as well)
  10. Someone on your team walking the dog of someone they don’t know – 200 points

Discussion Prompts:

  1. Did someone in your group emerge as a leader? Was this helpful?
  2. Did your group waste a lot of time trying to decide what to do next?
  3. How did the team decide where to go and what to do?
  4. Are you usually more of a team leader or more of a follower? Do you like this trait in yourself?

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