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Rope Knots Game


For each person to contribute to the overall success of the group by doing his/her individual part and by helpling others when they need it.

Group Size:

8 to 20 is ideal


One long climbing rope


This is a fun variation to the popular game Knots, where people grab each other's hands and try to get untangled. In this game there is less human contact, so it is less threatening but still a challenge.
Tie one overhand knot in the rope for each person that is in the group. Space the knots about two feet apart. Instruct group members to select a knot on the rope and stand by it on either side of the rope. Then tell them to grab the rope on either side of the knot with one hand. Some people will grab further out from their knot than others, but that is OK. Now challenge the group to untie all of the knots without anyone letting go of the rope or without moving the hand that is on the rope. Participants may use only their free hand to untie knots.
You may set this activity up by having the group think of things that are "knots" for the group that need to be "untied," or have the knots represent problems for the group that need to be straightened out.

Discussion Prompts:

  1. How many different groups were working on this challenge at once?
  2. When your side of the rope was untied, did you help the others on your team in any way, or did you just hang out? Why?
  3. Are you ever on a team where two or more different groups are working separate of each other?
  4. Is this a positive thing for the team?
  5. Are there any "knots" on your team that need to be untangled?

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