Road Map Game


For group members to work together to plan an event

Group Size:

4 or more


  • One map for each team
  • Paper
  • Pens or pencils


Divide the group into teams of two to eight and give each group a map. The map can be of the state you live in, of the whole country, or of a specific area, but give each group a copy of the same map. Instruct the teams to plan a vacation, working within the parameters you set for them. Give each group a list of what they have for their trip, how much money, what kind of car, size of gas tank, m.p.g., price of gas, start or end destination, size of town they can find gas in, amount of time they have, and anything else you can think of. Also, give each group paper and a pen or pencil for writing down their travel plans. Any group that runs out of money or gas will be disqualified. You may give “awards” to the team that saw and did the most with what they had, or for the most exhausting trip, the most relaxing, etc.

Discussion Promps:

  1. Was this a fun task for your group? Why or why not?
  2. Did everyone give the same amount of input?
  3. Were any of your ideas rejected? If so, how did you feel? Did you stop giving ideas?
  4. What is the hardest part about group decision making?
  5. Would you want to go on the trip you planned?
  6. Would you want to go on a trip that another group planned?
  7. Are vacations usually fun or stressful for you? Why?

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