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Future HR Recruitment Trends Your Company Needs to Embrace

The cornerstone of any successful business is a team of highly motivated and engaged employees. Finding the right employees is more challenging than most new business owners realize. Investing time and money into building a winning HR department and recruitment strategy is vital.

Studies show that companies that focus on providing a great candidate experience improve new hire quality by nearly 70%. One of the main goals to have as a business owner is to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Noticing and embracing upcoming HR recruitment trends can help you attract the best and brightest people in your industry.

Read below to find out more about future HR recruitment trends and why your company needs to embrace them.

The Future of Recruitment Will Take Business Owners Beyond Resumes

The first action most modern candidates take when trying to get hired by a company is to send in a copy of their resume. Most businesses receive hundreds of resumes when posting a job opening, whether for an accountant or freelance 3D designer position. 

The best way to make narrowing down the field of candidates easier is by using an applicant tracking system. These systems allow an HR department to find great candidates based on the criteria the department inputs. If you are looking for more information on this technology, learn more about how ATS works here.

One of the main trends currently affecting the world of recruiting is that great candidates don’t always send in resumes. Instead of resumes, many modern candidates are creating online portfolios. 

These portfolios often include samples of projects they have worked on, or in some instances direct links to the products they have created. For example, many web and app developers use websites to showcase their portfolio of work to demonstrate their skills and experience.

Business owners can not only look at these websites but also check out a candidate’s social media. In the future, more candidates will be using online services to show off their skills without relying on a paper (or even PDF) resume. Getting on board with these changes in hiring is essential when working to keep a competitive edge for your business.

The Modern Workforce Will Feature More Remote Employees

In the past, business owners were limited in regards to who they could hire to fill a certain position. One of the main things business owners in the past had to consider was where a particular candidate lived. 

With the rise of technology, businesses around the world have started to use remote employees. Using remote employees allows a business owner to hire the best candidate for the job without having to worry about their geographic location.

In the future, small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from finding ways to discover and hire remote employees. The use of cloud-based technology makes it much easier to communicate with these employees and check the progress they are making on tasks assigned to them. Not only will embracing remote employees help business owners strengthen their team, it can also save their business money.

Having a Mobile-Friendly Website Is Crucial

Modern people have more choices than ever before regarding where they can work. In such an open market, business owners have to find a way to make attracting the best candidates easier. The average job hunter will start their search for a new position online. While making sure your business has an online presence is important today, it will take on a new level of importance in the future.

Making sure websites are mobile-friendly is one of the main objectives business owners should possess. A staggering number of consumers and candidates use their mobile devices to research companies before either using them or applying for a job. If a business’ website is not mobile-friendly, the business will likely have a harder time attracting younger, more tech-savvy candidates to fill their open positions.

Now Is the Time to Take Action

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in regards to your recruitment efforts, now is the time to start making changes. Embracing the changes coming to the world of recruitment early on can benefit your business greatly now and in the future. 

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