Poor Time Management

A team should plan its goals and activities whilst keeping time constraints and deadlines in mind, otherwise their efficiency level in managing and implementing a task can suffer. Adequate time has to be allocated for key team activities such as brain storming, strategizing, decision making, and finally implementation. At times teams spend too much time in the strategizing and planning stages and neglect to allocate enough time to implement the solution. Let’s look at a scenario:

After many weeks of deliberation, a marketing team came up with a brilliant promotional idea for the launch of a new product. The idea was terrific and management praised the team for its innovative thinking. When the time came to implement it, the team miscalculated the number of hours it would take for the shipments to reach the stores. Customers came into stores in droves because of the high intensity advertising but owing to the delay, many left without buying, leading to significant business loses.


This is a perfect example of time mismanagement despite good strategic thinking. Exploring a problem is great but not if the team loses sight of deadlines. At times, there is an over emphasis on planning in some companies. This can then cause a rush to get the product launched before the competitor and then possibly falling behind the competition.

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