Tag Team Game


For each person to share with the group their individual strengths and positive traits that contribute to the overall success of the group.

Group Size:

4 to 8 people per group


  • Large sheet of paper
  • Writing paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Marking pens


Break the group into smaller groups of four to eight. Give each team one large sheet of paper, some writing paper, marking pens and a pen or pencil. Instruct the groups to make the “ultimate team member” by combining all of their best traits into one imaginary person. They need to give this “person” a name and draw a picture of him/her on the large sheet of paper with different attributes labeled. Then the group needs to write a story about this person. The story should highlight all of the amazing things their imaginary person can do with all of the awesome charactersitics he/she has been given. Allow time at the end of the group time for each team to share their person and to read their story.

Discussion Prompts:

  1. If one person had all of your best traits would he/she be much better than any one person in your group?
  2. How can you as a group member contribute to the team?
  3. How does working as a team make things easier for each person?
  4. What can you do as a team than you can’t do by yourself?
  5. What other attributes do you think you have to contribute to the team that were not mentioned in your story?
  6. What other attributes do others in your group have that were not mentioned in your story?

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