Review of Team-Building Activities by Alanna Jones

If you find your team is ineffective, uncooperative or suffering from other group related problems, “Team-Building Activities For Every Group” by Alanna Jones, is an excellent book full of fun and easy to use games and activities. It can be used for all teams and groups, what ever their size or focus.

Alanna’s book is an excellent resource for bringing groups together through taking part in the activities; managers have found that these activities can lead to greater team cohesion, cooperation, effectiveness and camaraderie.

There are over 100 games and activities in this book, all of which help groups to get to know one another, improve relationships, open up and feel more comfortable as a team.

The activities are suitable for all locations and preferences of team. They cover both outdoor and indoor activities, some of which are more strenuous and some passive. There are also more intellectual and physical activities in the book. Due to this, no matter how diverse or different your team is, you’re bound to find something for everyone in Alanna’s book.

This is an excellent resource for any kind of group, whether large corporate or small business.

The games are both fun and interesting in an easy to use format. Whether you are an experienced facilitator or someone looking for your first resource book, this is terrific value.

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