No Trust Between Team Members

If there is a lack of trust between team members, it can result in a team that is not united in its approach. This can be shown through poor co-ordination, poor co-operation and minimal sharing of knowledge and resources. It can be developed not only during working activities but also during team members informal interactions with each other.

The concept of a team is basically of a group that handles a task or any activity together. While the team may present a front that seems unified to the untrained eye, in reality distrust creates deep seated problems.

One example of distrust is a lack of confidence in your colleagues abilities or quality of work. Poor performance of a team member on assigned tasks can raise questions on the competence of that team member within the team itself. These problems manifest in misjudgements that arise on tasks assigned due to the prejudice of the group against one team member.

Another example is communication. Doing anything in a team involves communication. Keeping the communication channels open is the hallmark of a good team. If this aspect of the team is missing, then it’s safe to say failure of the team is not far behind.

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