Team Building
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Lighthouse Game


For each person to take on different roles in a single teamwork activity in order to support his/her team

Group Size:

4 or more


  • Various obstacles
  • Blindfolds
  • Pieces if wrapped candy
  • Description:

    Blindfold one person and put him/her at one end of a room or outdoor area that has various obstacles in it (i.e. rocks, cones, chairs, trees, etc.). Select at least three of the remaining group members to be "lighthouses" and ask them to stand in various places along the obstacle course.
    Give the blindfolded person a handful of candy (one piece for each lighthouse). The job of the lighthouse is to guide the cargo ship (blindfolded person) through the rough waters (obstacle course) safely so that the cargo (candy) can be delivered to each lighthouse.
    The first lighthouse must verbally guide the cargo ship through the obstacles and directly to the lighthouse, if this is done successfully the ship will deliver one piece of candy to that person.
    The only lighthouse allowed to give directions at a given time is the one that the ship is headed for, but he or she may give support and encouragement after the person has gone past him/her. Any lighthouse whose area the ship has not come to yet must remain quiet until the ship reaches his/her area.
    If the ship is put in danger by crashing into an obstacle the guiding lighthouse does not get any candy. Or, if the lighthouse is unable to guide the person successfully to him/her and the ship passes on by, then this person receives no candy and the next lighthouse takes over.
    Allow the group members to take turns in the different positions. For large groups, you may have more then one obstacle course going at once.

    Discussion Prompts:

    • Did you feel safe when you were the "cargo ship"? Why or why not?
    • Do you think people in this group would have kept you as safe if candy weren't involved? Why?
    • Do you have people in your life whom you trust to guide you? Who and why?
    • Do you have people in your life who give you support when you need it? If so, who and what do they do? If not, why do you think this is and where can you go to find support when you need it?
    • How do you feel about the group as a result of this activity?


    Put moving objects or people into the area the ship will be moving through to act as "floating logs". These objects or people should move through the area quietly while the lighthouses try to steer the ship around them.


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